Career consulting

Mission Statement:

To advise people on academic possibilities and career pathways and how to finance them.

Self  knowledge grows gradually and making good choices requires that self knowledge about what is in our best interests - as we transition from elementary school to high school and then on to post secondary pathways. Often what is important at one stage in our lives may not be so at a later stage.Children want to please their parents, but ultimately, choices need to reflect the interests, learning styles, strengths, talents
and passions of the individual.

About Pearl Mantell, OCT:

An experienced teacher and guidance counsellor who worked for many years at the York Region District School Board ( YRDSB), I am interested in helping young people find a pathway which reflects their interests and strengths.

There has been recognition of my guidance by both students and staff of my former school and awards and testimonials from them which reflect my interest in helping all those who are interested in achieving their goals. While a guidance counsellor at the YRDSB, I was given the title of "Scholarship Queen" by my fellow teachers.   It gave me great pleasure to do the best that I could do in order to support our school community.

Often, in the maturation process, one has to learn and recognize their strengths and appreciate the values, likes and dislikes which are central to how the person sees themselves and the how they want to conduct their lives.

It is my great joy to teach, mentor and tutor  young adults. As an academic adviser, we will meet in order to assess, evaluate and discuss your goals and  abilities and work on the possible pathways in order to enable you to make informed choices about your future pathway.